eNrich is:

  • a freeze-dried formulat ion of selected diazatrophic bacteria, these help crops improve nitrogen nutrition for a range of crops
  • a plant growth promoting inoculant incorporating N-fixing and P-solubilising microbes
  • A combination of freeze-dried, natural plant growth promoting microbes formulated to enhance nutrient utilisation, in particular, Nitrogen.
  • Freeze-dried microbial product
  • All strains present and free of contaminants
  • Small quantities treat large areas 12.5g of microbes will treat 5Ha of crop
  • Simple and convenient foliar application with consistent inoculation
  • Reliable shelf life -2 years when sealed and kept in cool (4C) storage
eNrich is being used by farmers a range of crops in Europe, and in tropical countries.
Crops such as cotton, maize, tea and a range of other tree crops can benefit
Results show in increased yield or reduction in N fertilizer application (typicall y by around 35%) while yields remain stable.


Eco-T, Eco-Rhiz Soya and eNrich have been registered in Ghana.

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