Eco-T Packing

is high quality preparation of spores of a strain of Trichoderma harzianum, a common fungus in all soils.

Trichoderma spores germinate and colonize root surfaces and the soil immediately surrounding plant roots, living off the nutrients that all plants naturally exude from their roots.  In return the fungus produces substances that boost root and plant growth.

A major effect is that the Trichoderma helps take up nutrients such as phosphate and so boosts growth in poor fertility soils and helps increase the efficiency of fertilizer utilization when fertilizer is applied.

The special stain of  Trichoderma in Eco-T  is in a very high quality formulation containing a high density of spores per gram. This only costs a few dollars per hectare and can be applied to seeds at planting the result is an increase in plant growth, crop yields and higher farm profits.

is sold in  different size packs and two different  formulations:
  • 10 gram sachets of the  basic formulation:  this is enough for 10 kg of maize seed or 5 kg of sorgum these are perfect for small farmers.
  • 250 g bottles of the  basic formulation:  (enough for 5 hectares of grain crops) are for larger farms
  • 4 kg and 1 kg Ezi-flo packs are a special formulation containing graphite:  This is enough for 4000 kg or 1000  kg of maize. This graphite improves the flow of the product and makes mixing in the seeding machines of commercial farms possible.

Banana Vitro plant root development

Maize small plant root development


Eco-T, Eco-Rhiz Soya and eNrich have been registered in Ghana.

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